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I just started writing my first Firefox Extension (you can no longer try it – but warning –  it has just been written by me and this is my first extension).  It’s designed to automatically help you boycott certain websites.  In the current implementation it just redirects to a WebCott blocked page on my website.

Anyway the two items I am blocking are:

  • All Fox News / News Corp properties – I am really tired of going there accidentally from Google News, I don’t want to support them with my advertising views/clicks.
  • Websites that don’t support Linux (not currently any sites!)

So, I thought I would ask the planet, what would you boycott (for the Linux part)?  What sites do you want to see included? (I will remove all links before posting)

Should I include sites that have partial functionality (aka Netflix let’s you arrange the next DVD right?)  or items that work, you just have to use Wine? (aka Steam and friends)  or how about sites partially owned by competitors (thing MSNBC)..  I don’t have a great formula for this yet… Perhaps just start with sites that just block Linux users outright (or use ActiveX , etc).  What do you think?  What sites just don’t work for you at all?

6 thoughts on “WebCott Automatic Boycotting…”

  1. I see a good reason for filtering web sites you don’t like to click on. I use OptimizeGoogle extension (click on tab Filter and filter web pages you don’t like to see).

    But I really don’t see any point of boycotting, because it just don’t have any effect. Most of the time because there are little to no arguments beside emotional/political ones to boycott some web pages. Most of the time this web pages just get additional support, because people are curious to see what is boycotted.

    But if you like that web pages also includes Linux support like non-ActiveX support then kindly send mail to administrator of that web page. And you can ask your friends to do the same if they have the same problem. Actually I can’t remember any serious web page on the net that is “Internet Explorer” only – except some government web pages (in my country). But most of the web pages are just having a problem of not documenting that Firefox is also supported. For example on my bank web page there is info that e-banking is supported on Internet Explorer on Windows Vista. I e-mailed to the bank asking if Firefox/Ubuntu is supported and they answered it is not supported, but then I have mailed them that I have been using Firefox/Ubuntu for last 5 years and not having any problem at all and then they thank me very much to let them know that there customers are using some other browser/os-es and that there solution is working fine. It all depends on how web page owners looks to there users.

  2. One question that comes to mind is will the sites be user configurable? I mean, you may block a site that doesn’t support Linux, but one of your users may have a need to go to that site. (same for Fox News/Newscorp sites).

    Have a great day:)

  3. This is great opportunity to make pressure against organizations we don’t like. It would be nice to have a web page listing the blocked sites and showing some statistics.
    But this will only work if we have a great number of users.
    This is awesome, man.

  4. I like this idea, but I would suggest not to filter but rather to have an information bar, giving short and linking to further information why to boykott this site. Then there could be different automatically updated lists, like with adblock. So people could subscribe to list they think are appropriate for them.

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