>Workrave Rocks!

>In response to Dave’s post: http://gnuisance.net/blog/t/2007/workrave-article.html

I’ve been using Workrave for quite some time at home and (when I found out they had a Windows version) at my previous co-op. It never helped me much at home, but at work it made the day much easier to get through and less stressful (I was a unix admin and did a lot of typing).
However you don’t always have the ability to install software on machines. I have Ubuntu in the CS lab I am at now and workrave isn’t installed. A built-in (Gnome) Typing Break can be found at System ->
Preferences -> Keyboard | Typing Break.

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  1. >Thanks for reading the article. I smiled when I saw you demonstrate Workrave at a previous CHLUG meeting.

    Do you remember how the X11 protocol works? The X server (the part that runs locally and talks to all the hardware) broadcasts each event. So each time you press the spacebar, every X client receives an event notice that the spacebar has been pressed. Workrave monitors your activity simply by assuming you’re active if the X server sends it any events from your keyboard or mouse.

    So, if you run Workrave as an X client from a remote machine, it can see all the same input events as it would if you ran it locally.

    All of that is a descriptive way of suggesting you try the following command: ssh -X you@computer-with-workrave-installed workrave

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