>Summary of Today


  • Open Source Software Presentation
  • Makes claim, “Here are some things that you can’t do on Windows/Mac”
  • Microsoft Mouse dies on presentation computer
  • Cannot show cool compiz effects 🙁
  • Driving
    • Making great time even though it was in rush hour
    • Get rear-ended (first ever accident)
    • Hit car in front of me (4 cars involved in total)
    • Cops come and collect info, etc
    • Leave when the cops say it is ok
  • Driving (Realized Later)
    • I didn’t get any contact / insurance info.
    • If anyone knows what I should do, a message / comment would be nice
  • The song that had just started playing was Barenaked Ladies – Never is Enough
    • I stopped my Phone/MP3 player to call 911.
  • Christmas Setup
    • Stepped in dog poop
    • Cut myself putting up a tree

    And yet.. I found it easy to find positive in almost every situation today. No one was hurt in the accident. Your attitude can get you through a lot of bad situations, besides I was wearing my Ubuntu shirt 🙂

    One thought on “>Summary of Today”

    1. >Hi Bryan,

      About three years ago I was in an accident that totaled my car. I’ve been sued, and my deposition in the case is next Monday. That’s my experience with this sort of situation.

      The cop will have collected all the insurance information and will put it on the police report. You need to call your insurance company ASAP (you should’ve done it yesterday) and they’ll tell you to go down to the police station today, get a copy of the police report, and mail it to them. Then the insurance company will send you some forms to fill out.

      If you have comprehensive insurance and damage to your car, you’ll need to work out the repair details with the insurance company. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, just tell the insurance company you’re going to get it repaired.

      The cop might come by your house and ask you to fill out a statement. As I understand it, you have the right to refuse. IANAL, but I think refusing is the better part of valor; let your insurance company lawyer help you with a statement if the cop insists.

      If there’s anything I can do to help, tell me.


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