Leaving Facebook…

How I left Facebook… (inspired from here – if nothing else check out the picture at the bottom of the link)

  1. Exported Birthdays to Google Calendar (Go to Events -> Birthdays | Then go to bottom.  Click Export. Change webcal to http. Download ical file for storage and import whenever you want)
  2. Download photos that you might want
  3. Download your full account
  4. Delete the account, it will take 14 days so start it now… (remove anything that uses the account, logging into Facebook Facebook IM, the iPhone app or anything else cancels the deletion)

I’ve actually felt more connected to people since I left Facebook.   I guess maybe because the whole wall thing, is basically yelling at someone for everyone else to hear.

2 thoughts on “Leaving Facebook…”

  1. I disabled my Facebook account about a month ago. I never really used it but I also never really liked it. On Facebook I saw sides of my friends and family that I never saw in person, and it made me sad.


  2. I saw your comment on /. I left for very much the same reason you did, the constant “oops-sorry” resetting of the privacy settings. After the third time it happened, it just became too obvious that it was an intentional data mining reconnoiter.

    Plus so much of the content as just not what I wanted in a social site. I want to hang out with people who are similar to me, not ones I knew back in school.

    Recently got an email from someone asking me to come back, someone who never spent much time there himself, so I’m not really sure what the purpose of his request was for. “All the cool kids are doing it?”

    I left over a year ago and have not missed it at all.

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