Help end the US Corn Subsidy

The White House website has been down for the first 8 days of my petition being on it.  It only has 4 days left to get 25,000 people to sign.  If the petition page doesn’t load, please comment on my blog.

The text of the petition [Closed]:

We believe that the corn subsidy is making the US weaker economically, making Americans less healthy and more dependent on oil. It costs tax payers billions of dollars a year to subsidize corn and what do we get in return?

High Fructose Corn Syrup in our food. Corn ethanol is not working, other alternatives like sugarcane aren’t being looked at. Many of our farmers grow only corn, which results in higher prices for other fruits and vegetables.

And more (reasons) at

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6 thoughts on “Help end the US Corn Subsidy”

  1. I am not sure of what I am saying, but isn’t corn mostly used to feed livestock (pigs and cattle), by far more than humans? If this is true, then the impact on Americans’ health is not so negative, is it?

    1. From this page
      Corn Feed for Cattle who need antibiotics to help them digest it
      Antibiotics become less effective with time, and are being used over and over again on cattle in order for them to be able to eat corn. This shortcut to cheap beef and dairy may cost an epidemic in the long-term. It already may be showing signs of breeding “super-bugs”, resistant to our most common antibiotics.

  2. Having farming monocultures for corn also strips the land of certain nutrients. Crops need to be rotated, but the corn subsidies provide an incentive against this, even though NOT rotating means infertile land (have to add fertilizer) and topsoil erosion (have to ship in dirt from elsewhere to have somewhere to plant).

  3. In the two years I’ve been reading this blog I’ve never commented on the numerous typos, grammatical errors, non sequiturs, and frequent absence of mind that you subject your readers to. It’s only a personal blog after all.

    However, it appears that you’ve circulated a national petition on a serious matter without first consulting a competent proofreader, so I’m compelled to say at least one thing: “American’s” is not the plural form of “American.”

    The site needs proofreading as well.

    1. I have corrected the error. Thanks for alerting me to it. Apparently the content is worth enduring my lack of proofreading ability.

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