Apologies to all, especially Debian

I recently posted something very accusingly that has been brought to my attention that my premise was completely false and baseless.  There is no excuse for me not doing my due diligence.

I assumed that the first website on google & duckduckgo for “iceweasel” was the official website.  I wish I could say I was the only one who had made this mistake but I am far from it.  (Furthered by the fact that the first thing I did when running IceWeasel was use the AwesomeBar to google it, finding said site).

Again apologies to Debian, I was the one being unprofessional and not doing enough research.

**Update, their http://wiki.debian.org/Iceweasel does post to said website. Should I repost my original post?  Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Apologies to all, especially Debian”

  1. If you don’t repost the original post, can’t you remove this one as well? Without the context of the previous post this one is meaningless.

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