12.04 Music Review – First Cut

For this first round, I’m checking two items:

  • Can I just load it and shuffle all my music
  • Can I quickly play internet music (radio or jamendo/magnatune/last.fm/etc without an account)


gogglesmm – no radio presets, I’m not sure what it adds over rhythmbox (it looks very similar)

exaile – no radio presets, took 25 minutes to import.  Exaile had been the default on Xubuntu, and it still has a lot of potential, a nice ‘old Amarok’ like interface.  But the polish just isn’t what it used to be, likely because no one is running the showReview from 2009.

listen – almost has internet music support, but just last.fm with an account.

decibel – no internet music support. just for playing your local music.  has a library as a plugin.

juk – no internet music support.

These might be perfect for you, but I want easy access to Internet music radio as well.  If you want to try one of them from my brief time I suggest Exaile or Decibel.

Should be out – why I’m keeping it.

  • audacious – no internet music options.    Survives because it’s the default on Lubuntu.
  • gmusicbrowser – no internet music options.  Survives because it’s the default on Xubuntu.
  • musique  – no internet music options.  Survives because it caught my interest.

My similar post from the 2009 review.

7 thoughts on “12.04 Music Review – First Cut”

  1. Hey dude. Why don’t you give a try to Clementine? It have the “old amarok” interface, a lot of powerful functions such as what you are searching for, and so much more. And it’s available to WIndows, Mac and Linux, so no reason to no use it. 😛


  2. I’d be interested in your definition of “internet music options”. I know for a fact that at least one of the players you reject (and probably most of them) can in fact handle internet radio quite nicely.

    1. @jlindgren
      I want stations preloaded. I want to not have to open any other program to get it to play freely available music.

      Which do you think I missed?

      1. @Bryan: Thanks for the clarification. I never use preloaded stations (just have a few oddball favorites), so I guess my use case is a bit different from yours.

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