12.04 Music Player Faceoff – Clementine vs Amarok

Summary:  Amarok I would only recommend Amarok to KDE users, only.  On KDE, Amarok starts up nice and fast and certainly fits best with the KDE experience.  It’s quite customizable and easy to use.  Amarok is an entirely different experience on non-KDE desktops (really slow startup, huge memory usage, high cpu usage).

Clementine is faster and lightener, and has a lot of the same features, it moves on to the next round!  Clementine will be reviewed in more detail in a future post.

Amarok Playing
As you can see below, the default Amarok playing screen makes it very easy to get more information about your music.  The default install starts off by showing you the Lyrics (which automatically scroll).  There are also easy buttons to access guitar tabs, wikipedia information, upcoming artist events and a MP3 store.  They certainly stand by their moto of “Rediscover your music”

Streaming Options:

Amarok is an incredibly powerful music player with a ton of options to customize it.  Unfortunately in my testing it was quite buggy on my machine.  I tested it with 2 Ubuntu 12.04 livecds.  It started up amazingly fast on the KDE one and everything just worked.   On the other, it started MUCH slower.

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