Do you have any old file format images?

I'm specifically looking for: OS/2 Metafile (.met) PICT (Mac's precursor to PDF)

Also useful might be: PCD - Kodak Photo CD RAS - Sun Raster Image

I'm trying to evaluate if LibreOffice should keep support for them (specifically if the support is good). Unfortunately I can only generate the images using LibreOffice (or sister projects) which doesn't really provide a great test.

Please either: * Provide a link in a comment below * Email me B @ (If emailed, please mention if I can share the image publicly)

If I find the support works great I'd try to integrate a few of them into LO tests so we make sure they don't regress.


I know that the ffmpeg project has a huge set of sample images:


Maybe this is of help to you,

Take a look at the File Formats wiki, they may have links to samples:

Please contribute to the wiki if you can.

Thank you!  [Update, files are now part of LibreOffice's test server]