2020 Presidential Tracker now live

May Update

I've revamped it by creating a single score to summarize all the tests - the goal is to have some useful predictivate quality - and be easier to track over time. To predict how prepared they are for a "bump" or their "monent", but also provide an idea of how much outside actors might be able to meddle with their campaign.

There are 3 different categories:

  • Performance metrics - The top four are donaldjtrump.com, julianforthefuture.com, joebiden.com, and amyklobuchar.com.
  • Email security - Top are elizabethwarren.com, hickenlooper.com, corybooker.com, and joebiden.com. They will have a much better time communicating to their supporters.
  • and other website security metrics

Today's results:

  • 65 - joebiden.com - the highest score. only one with a non-F letter grade, but it's still a D.
  • 55,56 - corybooker.com, hickenlooper.com - both substancially improved over last evaluation.
  • 48,49 - amyklobuchar.com, elizabethwarren.com
  • Low 40s - betoorourke.com, , michaelbennet.com, johndelaney.com
  • High 30s - jayinslee.com, marianne2020.com, berniesanders.com, stevebullock.com
  • Low 30s - donaldjtrump.com, ericswalwell.com, weld2020.org
  • 20s - tulsigabbard.org, kirstengillibrand.com, kamalaharris.org, billdeblasio.com, peteforamerica.com, wayneforamerica.com, timryanforamerica.com
  • 18 - sethmoulton.com
  • 9 - yang2020.com - Will the math lover stand being last?

All the candidates can definitely do better, my website gets a 79. I don't really see anyone geting out of the race before the first debate, so I can't make any clear predictions at this point.

You can get the full details at the 2020 presidential website tracker. .

Original post:

Now it's a tradition (did it in 2016 too)... I'm launching my 2020 presidential website tracker.

I'm being harsh and limiting everyone to a C rating for now. There are some basic things all the candidates really could be doing. If you see a mistake I made or find something new to track, feel free to report a bug/pull request.