Meat as Technology

My son and I tried some plant-based "meat" products. Primarily doing this for the planet/climate. Dates are estimates as I'm doing this from memory.

Date Meal Brand Product Cost Notes
2019-06 Burger Impossible Ruby's $14 Tried Impossible Burger at Ruby's, not impressed. In-N-Out accross the street sells better burgers for ~$3. Not worth it.
2019-09 Burritos MorningStar ground ???? meat for burritos - I don't remember the exact one, but it was inedible for both of us.
2019-10 Sausage Beyond Meat Sausauge $9 Cooked like Kielbasa (may not be recommended). We both ate it, but wouldn't do it again. Described as "rotted chicken nuggets".
2019-10 Burritos Beyond Meat ground $9 Good, but still have slight preference for the ground turkey (range from $2-$7) we usually get
2019-11 Burritos Impossible ground $9 Both of us prefer it to our previous ground turkey, by a large margin.