>Three random things….

>Microsoft adds code to Linux
Microsoft donates code directly to Linux kernel (although I can’t find the actual code or LKML post, meh, I’ll take their word for it). http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2009/Jul09/07-20LinuxQA.mspx

I find this to be quite a good development, it should make it easier for those places that only have MS setups to try out virtual Linux servers. But, most importantly, MS is playing our game by some of our rules now (at least partially). Although at the same time they have videos on the linked article only playable in SilverLight on Windows (and Intel Macs). (To be fair they link to Moonlight, which doesn’t work)

We can also now say, “Even Microsoft has fully GPL Linux drivers, why don’t you?”

Google Chrome for Linux – External Repository Dist-Upgrading

I tried out Google Chrome for Linux and noticed that it installs a cron job that will keep adding an apt sources line to get around the fact that during dist-upgrades we disable all non-Ubuntu repositories. That sucks for users and PPA/repository developers, can’t we have a better update method for that? I don’t particularly like Google’s way either, though. Ideas?

Firefox 3.5 – Offlne Storage – Sites to try it on?
So Firefox 3.5 is out and one of the new features is the HTML5 Offline Application Storage stuff, similar to Google Gears. Has anyone found any sites that use the HTML5 Offline Storage stuff? I am hoping Gmail, etc will start working natively with 3.5 (without gears).

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