>The Chevy Volt, It’s a hybrid

>Not an “electric car”.

Some Wikipedia Definitions:
“A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to propel the vehicle.”
“The term most commonly refers to Hybrid-electric vehicle(HEV) which includes internal combustion engines and electric motors.”

The Chevy Volt is more towards the electric side of things, perhaps we could call it “gasoline assist”, instead of the usual “electric assist”. It has a gasoline engine to power the electric motor after the 40 mile electric battery runs out.

The range of the Chevy Volt Hybrid is 40 miles on pure electricity (from 2008).
The range of the GM EV1 Electric Car was 160 miles (from 1998).

This is American Progress. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “>The Chevy Volt, It’s a hybrid”

  1. >”Who killed the electric car?” We can blame many different parties. Heck, we even had a working electric car in the early 1900’s.

    All hybrids on the market today are parallel hybrids. The Volt is great because it will be the first mass market series or serial hybrid. The idea being you can replace the gasoline generator with some other power source down the road with little modification to the car’s structure. Natural gas, methanol, whatever. Here’s more on hybrid drivetrains.

  2. >You’ve got to be rich to afford one, but the Tesla Roadster is an amazing car. It’s pure electric and gets 244 miles per charge. And it looks like a Ferrari. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately at a Ferrari pricetag as well.

  3. >I suppose the definition of “propel” could be debated. Only electric motors “propel” the vehicle. Different power sources can produce electricity to run said electric motor. So yes, not pure electric, but it doesn’t fall under the true definition of hybrid either, I guess.

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