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Update: See my Courses section instead of his page.

>I’ve been teaching courses at the local library for some time now (almost a year now). I’ve been meaning to make my materials public. Here are a few of them.

Course – “The Best Free Stuff on The Internet: Introduction to Free and Open Source Software

Need new computer software that won’t break the bank? A quiet revolution is growing in the world of computer software. You may have heard of it simply as a source of software for free, but it’s far more than that. This program introduces some popular free software like Firefox, OpenOffice and Linux. Come learn about these reliable, easy-to-use, and, most importantly, free software.

Presentation BestFreeStuff.odp
Before you present review all linked sites for familiarity, yes I provide links to the free stuff more than describing it.

Handout BestFreeStuff.odt
Change the local resources at the bottom before use!

Course – “Safely Exploring the Internet with Mozilla Firefox

Learn how to browse the Web like a pro with the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. You will learn how Firefox protects you from threats, techniques for searching and browsing the Web, and tips to keep your browsing experience organized.

Presentation FirefoxSecurity.odp
This just covers a couple key Firefox Security features. I usually do the rest as a hands on exercise having the students do various things. Look here for ideas.

Here is a starting point, go out and teach a course! Also, looking for suggestions/comments for my current materials.

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