>Scribus, How close is it to replacing Adobe Acrobat Pro?

>For my specific use case of making PDF fill-able forms.  If you remember I previously posted about showing support for the Adobe suite on Linux. In this post I look into how Scribus is progressing on this use case.

The Competition
Adobe Acrobat Pro can make any PDF into a fill-able form.  Importing is easy and you can just reopen the final PDF if you need to make changes.

Step-by-step this is the closest I have gotten to being able to do this with Scribus.  There are some issues which I will highlight at the end.

  1. Print each page of the form you want to make fill-able to a seperate PostScript file (.ps)
    Scribus Limitation – You can’t import PDF forms directly very well at all
  2. Import them individually into Scribus using Get Vector Image, line them up on thier respective pages.
  3. Insert the PDF form elements you want from the right side of the toolbar.
  4. Change any options you need on the elements by right clicking on the element and going to PDF Options -> Properties
  5. Export to a PDF.

Send out your fill-able form!

The caveats: With Scribus you need to keep the Scribus file or else you are going to have to start over from scratch.  You canNOT reopen the PDF you created in Scribus for editing.
Oh, right, Adobe Acrobat Pro will run you 450 dollars.  Scribus is available free for Windows/Mac or for Ubuntu.

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