>OpenOffice & GStreamer

> If you have ever installed OpenOffice from Sun’s (and now Oracle’s) website you will notice that it doesn’t have any media playing support.  But it does on Ubuntu and Debian and Suse and Fedora and well pretty much everywhere else.

OpenOffice’s policy is to only include code that they have a shared copyright on (or some other similar legal wording).  Novell, wrote code to make OpenOffice integrate with the common (on Linux) gstreamer media framework.

According to this bug report Novell won’t share the copyright with Oracle/Sun and Oracle/Sun won’t integrate it without it.

I don’t really know who to blame in this instance, but it seems incredibly silly to me.  We (collectively) have the code to make OpenOffice work better (and be much easier to test new versions without losing audio/video), but we still manage to restrict what we end up doing with the code.  🙁

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  1. >I think the issue is that if Oracle / Sun included the gstreamer support without having shared copyright on it they wouldn't be able to include it in StarOffice and thus would give OpenOffice a feature that StarOffice doesn't have. This would probably affect Oracle / Sun's profits from StarOffice.

  2. >gstreamer is not common on Linux … It is common on Gnome.

    Personally I hate the fact that OOo downloads an extra engine I'm not using anywhere else.

  3. >The headline says "GSteamer" which makes it sound like you think it's a turd. You might want to fix that?

  4. >What Ubuntu ships is Go-OOo. This is also why we had support for .docx a year before OOo 3.0 came out 🙂

  5. >@Manuel R. Ciosici
    That likely is the issue.. doesn't make it any less silly,

    What extra engine are you referring to?

    Oops… thanks.. fixed

    yup I know, but Go-OOo doesn't do nearly as many test releases as upstream OpenOffice does… and there doesn't appear to be an easy way to test them on Ubuntu/Debian

    It does indeed use Java Media Framework which appears to be quite (insanely) difficult to get to work.

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