>"No input" Recovery & Story

>So, back in college (a whole 3 months ago). A group and I gave a presentation on Free and Open Source Software. The presentation went well until we got to the end where I wanted to show a nice Compiz demo. Unfortunately, right after I made some comment like, “and these are some features Windows and Mac just don’t have”, the Microsoft mouse decided to die (keeping free software down conspiracy of course 🙂 ). So, needless to say, my Compiz demo was pretty much ruined. (I was able to show multiple desktops, that’s it)

That got me thinking that maybe we should at least at boot automagically determine if the user is missing either a mouse or a keyboard and try to help them around that. It became my most popular idea on Ubuntu Brainstorm (http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/5231/)

I then decided to try to implement it and with a good amount of help got it to work ok on my machine. (The current code is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/no-input-recovery).

So, right now, I’m looking for comments, suggestions, testing, what I should do to get it into Ubuntu proper, and output of “xinput list –short” clearly labeled with what you have in the computer at that time and with difference scenarios.

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  1. >Great idea 🙂

    Just a side note..

    Most PCs won’t even go past BIOS (“Press F1 to continue”) when no keyboard is detected.

    For this to work best in such situations, it would need to also have keyboard error checks disabled in BIOS.

    Some bluetooth/wireless keyboards also don’t make themselves available until later in the boot process, so testing those (and invoking apport in such cases) may also be interesting.

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