>Music Player Review: VideoLAN – VLC Media Player

>VideoLAN Client (VLC) is quite an amazing and powerful program. You can play DVDs, stream things from here to there, do about 50,000 other advanced (and simple) things. In recent versions they added a media library.

To access the media library you actually have to go Playlists -> Show Playlists. Also any settings for randomness or repeating appear to disappear every time you close it.

Some more awesome VLC capabilities:

  • Shoutcast audio/video – Under Playlist -> Additional Sources
  • Streaming video from one source to another (or to a file)
  • Viewing your webcam (and streaming it elsewhere)
  • Playing DVDs
  • Playing practically any video/audio file

VLC although awesome, really doesn’t belong in a music play review. I left it in just to test out the new features in the 1.0 series (or close enough). I’m going to be watching a lot of the shoutcast items in the near future. Also available for Windows and Mac. Yes I realize this is a very short review, but it shouldn’t have been here anyway.
Get VLC Ubuntu Users.

Who’s left? Amarok, Banshee, gmusicbrowser, Quod Libet, Exaile, Rhythmbox
What’s Next? Performance.

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