Music Player Review: Heavyweights

Exaile has some features I really like. Here is a screen shot to get you started

Some of the features which rock.

  • Blacklists – put a song/artist/album on the blacklist and have it not play while randomizing your whole collection
  • Dynamic playlists additions – adds new songs to playlists automagically
  • Has significant plug-in selection

Exaile also has an Equalizer, Radio support, Album Art Collector, smart playlists, and more. It can also bring your music collection together from multiple locations. Some plugins include Alarm Clock, Desktop Cover (Displays the current album cover on the desktop), and HTTP Server Control.

My previous post details why Exaile is being removed from ths review.

Exaile is inspired from Amarok. Amarok uses the most memory of those that remain by more than double, it’s around 70 mb on my machine and it almost lost on my CPU review, so it gets to be in the heavy weight category with Exaile. It seems like every time I try Amarok, I end up wanting to try KDE again (I’ll try in Karmic, KDE 4.3 should be stable, right?).
Amarok really rocks the “Internet” with Cool Streams, Jamendo, (free audio books), magnatune, Opml Directory, Shoutcast Directory. Also available are Ampache and mp3tunes.

It definitely has dynamic playlists but doesn’t appear to have blacklists or plugins. It does however have Random that well.. let’s you make it not Random. Random that favors tracks that have higher ratings, etc, which is honestly how most people would actually like “Random” to work.

The heavyweight champion of the music player review is….. well…
Amarok if you use Kubuntu (KDE)
Exaile if you use Ubuntu or Xubuntu (XFCE)

Of course depending on your needs this changes completely and I really can’t tell if I like Blacklists more or Amarok’s “Random”.

Who’s left? Banshee, gmusicbrowser, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox

4 thoughts on “Music Player Review: Heavyweights”

  1. >So confusing…

    You're "reviewing" things by posting a screenshot and then saying view some other post on why you aren't reviewing things.

  2. >Hey,

    After all your previous, extensive reviews I'm a little disappointed by this one, despite the credit you give to Amarok (my personal favorite) 😉

    I can understand it if you have little time, but really, if time permits, a little more on these two players would rock! If it's extensive enough I might even make sure it gets it's story, or at least a blog 😉

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