Music Player Review: aTunes and Songbird

Ok, this might be confusing:
aTunes beats Amarok at it’s own motto “Rediscover Your Music”
Songbird is basically open source iTunes with the power of Firefox

aTunes looks how I remember Amarok the first time I reviewed it. As well as helping you organize your music it brings you a TON of information on it in the same interface:

This shows the bigger picture and similar artist view on the right side.
This shows song lyrics from (Interesting site, btw)


This shows Artist info
ArtistThere is a good deal more to aTunes and it seems quite powerful. Memory usage seems to be in the 100 Mb to 170 Mb range, which I find completely insane. On a related note, it uses Java and has multiple installers available (Ubuntu/Debian deb, Windows Installer, Java App Installer).

Again, it can’t win my Music Player Review because it is not in the Ubuntu repository, but still a music app to try (and if you like/liked amarok, try it).


Not much more to add. It’s based on Firefox and looks similar to iTunes, in fact with an extension you can make it look like this:Songbird-Media(3)
If you miss iTunes or want to try to write music player extensions in javascript give it a try. Grab it at [Website no longer available] Take a look at some of the add-ons at
(Don’t get the wrong idea, it is *much* better than iTunes)

Again, I can’t do the awesome one-click installer for these so they can’t win my review. However, they might be perfect for you and definitely worth trying.

Who’s left? Amarok, Ario, Banshee, Sonata, gmusicbrowser, Videolan Client, Quod LIbet, Exaile, Rhythmbox
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4 thoughts on “Music Player Review: aTunes and Songbird”

  1. >The memory usage of aTunes has stopped me from using it, and I only used it for 10 minutes. Mine was running 170+ MB consistently and Amarok runs 74-80 MB consistently.

    That was double the usage. Now, I'll be first to admit I hated Amarok 2.0 when I first used it, but lately I am enjoying the clean-smoother look of it. With aTunes I found myself trying to re-ogranize the column layout and I couldn't figure out how to do that. As I wanted the Lyrics in the middle, not the far right.

    Finally, I am a bit biased as I enjoy KDE and when the application is native to KDE, it really grabs my attention. Granted, I also like applications that can cater to both Gnome and KDE.

  2. >What was the memory usage for Songbird? I'm on the verge of switching from the slow behemoth that is iTunes.

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