>Music Player Review ’09 edition – Wave 1.5

>Adding Songbird and aTunes to the list, with the note that they can’t actually “win” because they aren’t in the Ubuntu repository.

Just to catch them up to where we are:
aTunes – available as a a deb that adds a menu icon, passes on all first wave items
Songbird – available as a tar.gz, extract and then run, no menu icon, passes all other first wave items

Wave 1.5 just asks two questions. Playing all the songs on shuffle. Generating a playlist is fine as long as I can select multiple (read all) folders. Who is out?

  • Alsaplayer – Playlist, no media library and doesn’t let you select multiple folders to add them. Is still awesome because it let’s you speed up (chipmunkify) or slow down a song.
  • Aqualung – It has a bunch of options that I don’t quite understand but that an audio junkie might love.
  • KPlayer – A frontend to MPlayer, not designed to handle a music collection
  • Listen Music Player – looked good, GUI is very bad at being responsive, ends up crashing
  • Minirok – Can’t shuffle, quite a simple player, simplest player with KDE theme that I have reviewed
  • Xfmpc – finally an MPD client fails, except for this one they have all been very consistent how you add the entire library, cause they share a database. Now if you add the entire database to the current playing in another MPD client, and then go Xfmpc it will work fine.
  • gxmms2 – All xmms2 clients are out. Now to be fair, there is a bug that is basially making most of the xmms2 clients not work, so maybe Karmic will have them fair better.

Internet Radio?

  • Decibel – Nope
  • Gimmix – Just focuses on being a MPD client
  • Glurp – Just focuses on being a MPD client
  • Gnome Music Player – Just focuses on being a MPD client
  • Juk – Nope
  • Muine – Nope
  • Pygmy – Nope
  • gbemol – Nope
  • gmusicplayer – Nope, but I’m keeping it just because I can :P.

These are all focused more on just the music you have, which if that’s all you use, try these out!

Next up, I switch from waves to a VS match. Audacious and qmmp have very very similar interfaces., so I’m going to compare them until I find one I like more. (Quite similar to WinAmp, Coolplayer, Xmms, etc). Who will emerge victorious?

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  1. >Hi!
    Nice article.
    Let me add "Exaile" to the list. It has a nice and simple look, last.fm integration, good OSD interface, great plugins and a "dynamic" mode that autocreates an on the fly playlist depending on your last.fm account.
    It's written in python and the last versions work pretty well.

    Take a look:


  2. >The Sonata website says it was "forked from the unmaintained Pygmy project"—so maybe there was no point including pygmy in the first place?

  3. >Sorry, I should end all posts in that..
    Quod Libet

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