>Linux-Devel-Focus App Idea

>Sharing another of my crazy ideas with the community in the hope that it’s actually already out there…  This one involved encourage participation in Linux kernel development by providing new developers a “laptop-personalized” experience.

The basic idea:
User compiles the kernel specific to their hardware using “make localmodconfig”, user records all warnings -> and goes to work fixing the warnings specific to the users computer.  localmodconfig, for those that don’t know, tells the kernel to only compile the code that is specifically needed for this hardware.  This makes it pretty much computer specific code.

Expanded idea 1 – Really Free Software:

The user is given a list of all binary blobs or other non-free things that they are using in their kernel, no matter how small.  To FSF standards.

Expanded Idea 2 – Depreciated APIs:
The user is given a list of the hardware they use and which are using depreciated APIs or other items that will cause issues in the future.

Expanded Idea 3 – Old Untouched Code:
The user is given a list of the hardware they use and how old the code is in each driver they are using.  This may allow the user to focus their efforts on the likely least optimized code paths.

Expanded Idea 4 – Where to go from there?:
Based on which area of the kernel it is, the user is given different instructions designed to help them commit patches.

It may also be neat to see which hardware you have is least and most popular…


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