>Last Chance – Ubuntu for Node 3 of the ISS

>Please go and vote: http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/name_ISS/index.html

You can vote once a day until the 20th (or including, not sure).

This is going to be my last blog post on this so I thought I’d try my hand at convincing Firefly fans to vote for Ubuntu as a better name for Nasa Node 3.

Might be a weak argument, but wouldn’t you rather Serenity be the name for a ship, not a node?
How about the first manned ship to Mars. Any takers? 🙂

Also Ubuntu really does capture the concept of international cooperation better than any name on that board. “I am what I am because of who we all are”.

To recap what I hope to happen if we get in first:

  1. Colbert is currently in first place (From a very popular comedy central show)
  2. Ubuntu passes Colbert and wins the naming
  3. Colbert mentions Ubuntu on his show and eventually (preferably timed about a week after the Jaunty release) ends up inviting Mark Shuttleworth to the show.
  4. Many many more users try Ubuntu and other free software. They love it.
  5. We Win. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtdnZNYN0MM)

So, please blog, slashdot it, digg, share, and whatever else you can do to spread the word.Thanks!

4 thoughts on “>Last Chance – Ubuntu for Node 3 of the ISS”

  1. >Ubuntu is the most overrated distro ever put out. It’s not nearly as good as its fanbois portray it to be — certainly not moreso than many other distros. Its “success” is all the result hype and fanboi “marketing”.

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