I’m in India

About a week ago I boarded a plane bound for Delhi, India (actually Dubai, but transferred) to begin my first out-of-college job. I am working for a non-profit that helps communities through microinsurance. [What is microinsurance]

I will be working on several projects but the primary project will be migrating this non-profit from a Windows platform to a Linux one (quite likely Ubuntu). This includes reviewing every application currently used and finding an alternate (or wine, virtualization, etc). The first thing we are doing is an OpenOffice switch.

I am currently writing up the Project Plan for OpenOffice and have already noticed a couple things. Upon importing a .doc Project Plan template:

  • Table Of Contents breaks
  • Header/Footer no longer covers the entire document

Fixing Table of Contents
It breaks because OpenOffice uses styles – Headings specifically to do a ToC. Most people who use Microsoft Office use numbering. So you need to go through the document turning off numbering, and assigning it to a Heading #.

  1. Go through the document
  2. For each line that is numbered and that you want to make part of the ToC
    • Turn off numbering by clicking anywhere on the line
    • Bullets and numbering should appear
    • And then click Turn Off Numbering (third button from left)
  3. Change that line to be on Heading #
    • Based on the previous numbering scheme
    • So for 3. You make it heading 1, For 3.8 you make it heading 2, For 1.3.8 you make it Heading 3.
    • You select the style in the drop down box to the right of the font (or by using F11)

Styles are a much better way of doing things, and you should learn more about them.

Fixing Header/Footer
It doesn’t matter what page you do this on, but don’t you want different Headers/Footers on different series of pages!

  1. Bring up “Styles and Formatting” by pressing F11
  2. In Styles go from Paragraph to Page (fourth button on the top)
  3. If you see any Convert 1, Convert 2, etc – Right click and delete them

That should be it. Oh and this is my street..

DSC00123 DSC00124

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