>Help NASA name node 3… after Ubuntu

>Vote Here: http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/name_ISS/index.html

Help NASA name Node 3 of the International Space Station after Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a great name to capture the collaborative nature of the International Space Station.

You can vote once a day. So, Vote Every Day!

Stephen Colbert
is telling his followers to vote for him, challenging him could get us some publicity even if we don’t win. (Maybe it could even get my old idea to come to pass)

Note on voting: it appears their CAPTCHA is case sensitive (or maybe just all capital letters?).

6 thoughts on “>Help NASA name node 3… after Ubuntu”

  1. >I see that Vista is in the top 10… also, now that I’ve seen the suggestion in the top 10, I’m gonna be voting Xenu for the rest of the days. 😀

  2. >> The Ubuntu marketing machine knows no bounds!
    Agreed. This is definitely some way to try to market. Admittedly, I'm not sure "Jesus" is really a name for a space station.

  3. >I’m going for Serenity. It’s a spaceship! I saw this site first as “call to browncoats, space station node needs a name, you know what to do.”

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