>First things I do…

>When installing Ubuntu:

I remove a bunch of stuff: pulseaudio, tracker, evolution, mono, screensaver and any other apps I don’t really use. I really should make an actual list, but every computer is different. Some I want to play with pulseaudio on, others have files I want to search through (tracker).

For almost every computer I add:

Depending on hardware I might enable repositories for nightlies for nouveau (open source nvidia) or open source ati/radeon driver. They are both PPAs and not for novices.

I also enable proposed and backports, and then, finally I install just a few things:

  • powertop – program to analyze power consumption on Intel-based laptops
  • workrave – Workrave is a tool that reminds you to take regular breaks, thus pre‐ venting RSI or helping you to recover from it.
  • gthumb – an image viewer and browser for GNOME, supports videos too
  • phoronix-test-suite (not in repo) – the best linux benchmarking system
  • and usually ubuntu-restricted-extras

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