Exaile & Amarok. Because my original review of them…

>was not quite that good. Let’s try this again…
Exaile and Amarok are very similar players as Exaile is a music player inspired from Amarok but designed for GNOME. Whereas Amarok is the premier music player on the KDE desktop.

(I’m also on Karmic now, so  things might look a little different if you install on Jaunty and also look different from my original review)

Exaile in Depth
Screenshot-The Little Things Give You Away (by Lin
The above is the Exaile main window. On the left side it let’s you navigate through your Collection, Radio, Files, and Playlists. Clicking on them only update the next area to the right (which is where I currently have right clicked on an album and am about to “Append to Current”).
The next region (or main region) is a tabbed collection of playlists or music sources. The use of tabs always makes things more cool. Quite useful for going through your music once and separating into multiple playlists (for things that can’t be done by smart/dynamic playlists).

The easiest way to just start playing random music, is to go the playlists tab where you will find several smart playlists. Among them are Random 100/300/500 songs, Entire Library, and Rating >3 / >4.

Blacklists, which let you exclude songs from being played, are one of the features Exaile has that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

The Radio should provide you more than enough shoutcast streams to listen to, although it can be somewhat overwhelming with the number of stations. Karmic Xubuntu users will be enjoying music from Exaile out-of-the-box. For the rest of you, get it below.

Amarok, Rediscover Your Music!

The Amarok motto is back! I swear it went missing when I did my first review this year. Since I first reviewed Amarok (and then upgraded to Karmic) they made some significant changes to the interface. For instance, the left hand vertical navigation is gone.

Screenshot-Dido - Hunter  _  AmarokThe first area (going left to right) is the Local Collection (can be switched to Playlist/Internet/Files mode (sound familar?) This is pretty identical to the one in Exaile (or I really should say the Exaile one is the same as the Amarok one). However, after that things change :).

The next area with the nice “Discovery Blue” (I’m making up colors now), is the Discover your music area (I’m also making up names). You can customize this area with Wikipedia entries, Videos, Photos, etc, that will automatically update based on the artist you are currently listening to. You can mess with the layout as well, like I did below:Screenshot-Dido - Hunter  _  Amarok-1
The last area is the Playlist section which allows you to sort and rearrange the playlist by (seemingly) every possible bit of metadata you have on your music.

Random in Amarok can be made to cheat. Which is awesome (who wants mathematically perfect random for music playing anyway). It can be made to favor Higher Ratings or songs that you haven’t played in a while.

Amarok really rocks when it comes to finding music or audio online for you to listen to. Aside from the more standard ones (Magnatue, Jamendo, Last.fm) it also has access to Librivox recordings (books) and a Podcast Directory.

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  1. >I have subscribed to Exaile's PPA but I haven't been getting any updates for ages. Maybe it's because I'm using Ubuntu 8.04. Obviously there has been progress, I need to check.

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