>DTV Pre Feb17th

>Did the last test of broadcast tv in my area before February 17th. NJN and WHYY join the 1080i HD crowd (total 5 1080i, 3 720P). Other than that no big changes, except didn’t see any flaky channels during my last test.
February 9th Results

Should be interesting to see what, if anything actually changes on the 17th.

Another related TV item is how much power we might save from the DTV transition, these are power stats from our HDTV:

Digital Broadcast (OTA): 132
Analog Boradcast (OTA): 171
Digital Cable: 131
Analog Cable: 170

That adds up when you do it to an entire country. Of course thats only a saving with DTV ready TVs, TVs that need a converter box will use more power (the converter box needs power).

On yet another related note, I just watched MacGyver for free on cbs.com (they also have original Star Trek). They have just 1 ad in each of the commercial break segments so I actually don’t zone out during them. Clever. Must make a media center that let’s me stream that (and hulu) to my TV.

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  1. >While your HDTV saving power is important, too, there’s a much bigger reason to go digital – digital signals need far less power at the transmitter for the same coverage area.

    For example, my local transmitter needs 500kW for a single analogue channel. The digital multiplex needs 10kW for the same “good” coverage area, and might need as much as 50kW to get good digital signal into areas that currently get poor analogue signal.

    This is a significant saving in power use already, and it’s only made more significant when you realise that the multiplex can carry more than one channel. Just for comparison, I’d be surprised if a house had sufficient feeds from the mains to let you pull more than 50kW from the grid – so the power saving even with the increased power levels that improve coverage gets you room for 9 houses at peak draw, or more like 100 typical houses with no other changes to the grid.

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