>Converting Dad to Ubuntu – Investing Site

>My longest standing issue for converting my Dad to Ubuntu was one investing website that uses an ActiveX control. They do have a way for Firefox users though, but it doesn’t work on Linux or with wine.

I eventually started trying to get IE4Linux (which uses wine) to get it to work. And it worked fine, except for the flash ads, which make the page unbearable to look at (the entire page flickers when any movement is registered in any flash window).

Now I couldn’t just get rid of flash, because they used flash for videos on the site. And I don’t have any interest in learning to block things in IE.

The eventual solution: IE4Linux with Moblock (Peerguardian for Linux) to block the IP addresses of Ad servers, so no more annoying flash ads.

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  1. >I tried to get ies4linux to work in my own “convert dad to Kubuntu” project”, but I never got past the 100% cpu usage bug. This was closed as invalid in both Ubuntu and Wine, which is understandable, but not so helpful. Did you not experience this at all?

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