>Community Council vs Technical Board

>So.. both the Community Council and Technical Board will be welcoming new members. I’m trying to determine if I want to run for one, the other, or neither. If you don’t know these are two places where many decisions are made for Ubuntu.

I’ve decided to lay out my own pros/cons list of what I would be bringing to each and ask for the communities advice.

Community Council

Technical Board

Only a very general idea of how the community is really organized.

Generally good understanding of how all the technical pieces fit together.

Will likely make an Org Chart and increase the documentation on some Community Council pages.

Not a developer+

Can make policies to make decisions (of other boards) more transparent (hopefully to prevent some decision flamewars)

Follow technical developments (on X, sound, kernel, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Gnome, and more) very closely

Could invite other corporate sponsors into contributing money and development efforts into the Ubuntu repository (including using CD creation facilities) *Cough* ChromeOS powered by Ubuntu?

My views on a certain language* may distract some (and the technical board decides default inclusion on CDs)

*Look at perceived conflict of interest (here)
? I’m not actually sure if I could do this.
+I’m not sure, but this might completely disqualify me

In either case (or the third do nothing) I plan on updating some certain pages with a bit more information.

2 thoughts on “>Community Council vs Technical Board”

  1. >"+I'm not sure, but this might completely disqualify me"

    … yes, it does. Sorry. But it makes your decisions easier I guess.

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