>BOINC Meeting

>BOINC lets you donate your idle computer power to noble scientific causes that you choose

I just attended the first ever east coast BOINC meeting at the very nice University of Delaware. A couple thoughts (and parallels) I got from the meeting I want to share with the Ubuntu community.

  • They want more people to start using BOINC (increase market share)
    Part of a talk was on getting the support of a major OS vendor or PC manufacturer and having BOINC bundled with it. I was thinking could this ever be included in Ubuntu by default? The following issues I feel would be difficult to address: Security, one more question for the user at install time, and it would take up space (both ram and disk, even if user didn’t want it). Your thoughts?
  • They want more women to get involved in donating computing resources
    A recent survey they conducted of about 1300 volunteers showed 49 women. Does anyone have any suggestions for them?

Oh, and if you’re computers are currently idling, help them solve their first issue. There are packages in Ubuntu, boinc-client, (does the actual work) and boinc-manager (because you might want a gui). Learn more about it at http://boinc.berkeley.edu/ and attach to a project you like.

2 thoughts on “>BOINC Meeting”

  1. >As much as I like BOINC and run it on my computer, it would be a very unwise decision to have BOINC installed and active by default on Ubuntu systems. Besides the increased CPU and RAM use, Ubuntu systems would use a lot more electricity and a hassle in terms of bug that may affect the system.

  2. >I’m running BOINC also and would like to see it preinstalled on Ubuntu along with some simple documentation to quickly and easily tell the user what this is about and how to help. Activating it by default, however, should not be considered, this would interfere with the project’s voluntary spirit.
    I also described an idea of using BOINC in automobiles on my blog.

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