>Announcing New Jersey Bug Squashing Month

>You’ve heard of 5 Bugs a Day. Well how about 100 a month? That’s what the NJ Loco Team is trying to do. And we are even postponing our usual LAN party to do it!

David Harding took the lead and created the initiative. The goal is get more of the Loco involved in both triaging bugs and fixing them. To aid in getting us there Harding is posting 5 easyish bugs every day for the Loco to go loco over fixing.

The main wiki page is here, and you can provide a description of what kind of bugs you can handle/would like, be subscribed to the NJ Loco Mailing list, and we will see about getting you a good starter bug.

If you aren’t in New Jersey you can still participate, we just aren’t going to give your state credit. Of course, I don’t think we would mind if we got competitive with other Locos about this.

If you really can’t wait; here are some other strategies to find a bug:

  1. Pick an application you love/like/use/previously reported a bug in+/want to succeed
  2. List all the bugs it has
  3. Do Something (based on ability/time):
  • Look for obvious duplicates*
  • Ask more questions*
  • Look for duplicates on the upstream bug tracker*
  • Fix a bug and attach a patch

+I personally have noticed that if you triage a bunch of bugs in the application you just reported a bug in, your chances of getting your bug looked at and fixed go up a lot.

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