>Announcing Mirrors Project

>Mirrors is my attempt at creating a remix or respin of Ubuntu. Although this first phase is nothing more than a customization of the included packages and changing of default themes and wallpaper. The goal for this release was to get in the range of using 100 mb of ram in the initial liveCD boot. It is close, but still needs work.

It currently only exists as a script for use by UCK. Among the major things it removes are:

  • Evolution
  • Tomboy
  • F-Spot
  • Pulseaudio
  • Gnome-pilot
  • Screensavers
  • Bluetooth
  • Virtual Terminals 2 – 6. Saves about 10 megs on livecd

This is not necessarily because I think these are “bad”. It’s just I don’t use them and am tired of them taking up space / memory / processor cycles. Download it from here.

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