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Sustainable Voorhees – Brownfields

One of the sustainable jersey goals is a Brownfields Inventory. This is the one I created for Voorhees, NJ.

The spreadsheets with sites is:

The map of them is:

Sustainable Voorhees – Brownfields

The ranking system is 1 -5.  Where 1 is “Action Already in Progress”, 2 is “High Priority”, and 5 is “Low Priority”.    On the map if they have No Value that mean they are Closed sites.

What to do next time?

We should plan to do this every 4-6 years.  At the current time I plan, as part of Sustainable Voorhees, to update this whenever DEP pushs new data out to their site as data dumps.  If they don’t update the data for 4+ years we will have to come up with a new plan.

If DEP Updates this website ( I’ve created a script that will parse it and it should be trivial to compare (

Otherwise we need to manually go through this site again –  See Sustainable Voorhees website for more details.