Ubuntu i386 tracker

I've been maintaining this tracker of what flavors have dropped i386 from their images and figured sharing it might be helpful for someone.

Log (Incomplete)

Date                    What happened
2013-06-13 Running Ubuntu/Unity on a machine that is not 64 bit capable?
2013-07-21 Survey Results
2014-10-21 Still running 32 bit Ubuntu? Survey. Phoronix - Ubuntu 16.04 Might Be The Distribution's Last 32-Bit Release
2014-11-07 32 bit usage - survey results
2014-11-13 Ubuntu online summit - When should we stop making 32 bit images?
2016-02-02 Ubuntu Desktop on i386
2016-06-28 xnox posted Installation Media and supportability of i386 in 18.04 LTS Re: Ubuntu Desktop on i386
2016-11-14 Scheduled discussion about ending i386 to happen soon
2017-09-27 xnox sent email that dopped Ubuntu desktop x86-32 bit Phornix post - Ubuntu 17.10 Will Drop The 32-bit Desktop ISO
2017-12-22 Nvidia announces EOL for 32-bit - security updates only until January 2019. NVIDIA To Stop Offering 32-bit Driver Support. Nvidia Bulletin (subject to change)
2018-05-09 Joint proposal to drop images and port with Simon Quigley
2018-05-10 Phoronix post - Ubuntu Developers Once Again Debate Dropping i386 Images, Then Discontinuing i386 Port
2019-06-18 i386 architecture will be dropped starting with eoan (Ubuntu 19.10)

Current Status

i386 Arch is being dropped in 19.10.

Wine plans: Unknown

Steam plans: Unknown

Ubuntu Flavor     Gone Decision Date/Thread
Desktop 17.10 2017-09-27
Server 18.04 2017-12-20
Budgie 18.10 2018-05-04
Mate 18.10 2018-05-04
Studio 18.10 2018-05-06
Kylin 18.10 2018-05-14
Kubuntu 18.10 2018-05-16
Xubuntu 19.04 2018-12-02
Lubuntu 19.04 2018-12-20
netboot 19.10 2019-06-18 Killing Arch
ubuntu-base 19.10 2019-06-18 Killing Arch
cloudimg 19.10 2019-06-18 Killing Arch

Flavor lists can be found on cdimage.ubuntu.com and https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com

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