Linux Gaming Weekend – Urban Terror primer

If you don’t know, the Linux community is getting together to play games this weekend in order to showcase that gaming does indeed rock on Linux.

Multiplayer gaming isn’t nearly as fun unless the people playing understand how to play and have the basics mastered. In this post I hope to get readers up to speed on how to play Urban Terror.  This is designed for gamers who already play first person shooters. If you don’t this little guide isn’t going to help.

First, go and get it.  []  Follow the system specific instructions on the page or you won’t know what to do next.

Once you have it up and running I suggest you set the graphics settings to something more appropriate for your hardware setup.

Some very important Urban Terror specific items:

Q – for bandage. after you have been shot (and lived) you might also be bleeding.  you can tell because your health would be flashing red in the bottom left of the screen.  find a safe spot and hit q to stop the bleeding

Reloading – don’t reload after every battle, once you reload the ammo left in that clip has been tossed away

Different guns? You have to press escape to get to the team or weapon selection screens.

Defuse (CTRL) stop the bomb from exploding.

You can get a  full list of controls.. (

Also read up on the different game modes (

Go give Urban Terror a try!  (and write your UrbanTerror suggestions in the comments)

One thought on “Linux Gaming Weekend – Urban Terror primer”

  1. There is an issue with Urban Terror. There is a ‘hack’, also available for Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit), that allows to cheat.

    For example, you can see through walls (wallhack), or even autoshoot. It is possible to detect such occurrences if you ‘spec’ (Spectate) the offending players while they are playing. However, it takes time before you figure out who is cheating.

    Since the source of the hack is available, it is possible to modify it so that you still cheat but it is harder to detect.

    So, when you play UT, find a good server that the admins do a good job taking out any cheaters.

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