IPv6 Comments..

I just noticed that I had my first comment by someone using IPv6 (they used a cell phone network).  I expect IPv6 adoption to jump after worldipv6launch.org. I’m hopeful that comcast will get me on IPv6 by then…

Some great testing sites and IPv4/v6 countdowns after the break.


AfriNIC – Africa, APNIC Asia-Pacific, ARIN – USA, LACNIC – Latin America, RIPE – Europe and more. Curious about exact boundaries?

ipv6-test.com is my goto testing site for all things IPv6 – test your connection and test your website.

ipv6proxy.net let’s you actually view your website using IPv6. Very useful for troubleshooting if you don’t have IPv6 on your client machine yet.

Any other tools I should know about?

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