Linux Gaming Weekend – April 16 – 17th

Updated per my last post, changing the date to April 16th – 17th.

Also a couple of suggestions came out of the comments…

Pick other names as well, other than LinuxGamer, as you are obviously in a game.  David Harding – “Maybe make Linux the noun and use some other adjective or adverb: SpeedLinux, EZLinux, 2000FPSLinux, NoFreezeLinux”.    Other examples I thought of LinuxGamingRocks,  AccelerateYourGamingWithLinux.  Alternatively, spelling it out more: GameOnLinux – Give Ubuntu a Try!,  LinuxGamer – My other game is UrbanTerror.

Be creative!  The more (positive ones) the merrier.

If you do have Steam, join the We Want Linux Client steam group.  (Credit: A linux gamer)


Looking forward to the Linux Gaming Weekend!

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