>Year of the Vista Desktop, Month of…

>It’s time to try a little bit of an honest assessment in my statistics gathering (Eh, honesty and statistics are overrated).
The simple fact of the matter is that if Linux had gained market-share like Vista did this year, I would absolutely call this the “Year of the Linux Desktop”
Vista gained 10% market-share this year, reaching 16%. Linux almost doubled it’s market share going from .47% to .80%.

For all of how bad we have heard Vista is 16% or so of the world appears to be using it. Linux is still vying to beat Windows 2000 and the PPC Mac OS.

Windows XP 71.20%
Windows Vista 16.14%
MacIntel 5.25%
Mac OS 2.69%
Windows 2000 2.11%
Linux 0.80%
Windows NT 0.69%

However if you look at the total Windows / Mac / Linux stats it paints a slightly different picture..

Month Windows Mac Linux
May, 2008 91.13% 7.83% 0.68%
June, 2008 90.89% 7.94% 0.80%

This is Linux’s biggest monthly increase (+.12%) I can see going back to 2006. We gained more total market-share then either the total of Windows or Mac (although we lost to versions, Vista and MacIntel). We might not be able to claim this year as the year Linux freed the computing desktop.
Month of the Linux Desktop sounds like a good stepping stone though.

*All Statistics from Net Applications, http://marketshare.hitslink.com

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