>Year of the Linux Desktop Part 4

>Apparently I wasn’t the only one to notice that Linux had a good marketshare month.

Time for another prediction and to check up on my older ones.
I last predicted on February 1st that Linux would displace Windows 2000 6.6 – 9.8 Months from them. We are now at the 6 month point and let’s see what would be needed for that prediction to become true.

Currently Windows 2000 is at 2.11% and Linux is at .80%.
Windows 2000 is losing about .10 every month (average 6 months) and Linux is gaining about .03% every month.

Based on that data, it’ll be another 10 months until Linux passes 2000. Far from the four more of my original prediction.

To actually make the “6.6 to 9.8” prediction true they would need to reduce the delta between them by .3275% every month.

My first prediction would require Linux to beat Windows 2000 by the end of this year, which would require the delta to shrink by .22 % every month.
I think that is doable, oh right and 1% at least by the end of the year as well (if not sooner)

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