>Year of the Linux Desktop Part 3

>Yes.. it’s time for more of me analyzing statistics provided by: http://marketshare.hitslink.com/

In the browser space Firefox continued to rise but this was nowhere near one of it’s great months. It is almost about to reach 17%. Of particular interest is the .10% of people using Firefox 3 development builds. Which is still losing to IEs 5.0 (.11%) and 5.5 (.11%) as well as Firefox versions 1.0(.31%) and 1.5(.53%).

In the operating system space my prediction came true :). Although not as decisive as I would have hoped.
Stats as now ..

Windows XP 75.07%
Windows Vista 11.96%
MacIntel 4.31%
Mac OS 3.26%
Windows 2000 2.71%
Linux 0.67%
Windows 98 0.66%

So the two versions I think we have the best chance on overtaking this year would be 2000 and Mac OS. Here are my predictions:
Linux will overtake Windows 2000 somewhere between 6.6 and 9.8 Months
Linux will overtake Mac OS (non intel) somewhere after 22 Months

Remember this is just based on the numbers.. Linux could do much better than this.

Raw Data used:
Windows 2000
Average 11 Months -0.1827
Last 2 monts -.26

Mac OS
Average 11 Months -0.0627
Last 2 monts .04

Average 11 Months 0.02454
Last 2 months .05

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