>Year of the Linux Desktop Part 2

>Reference:    Year of the Linux Desktop
Date From: http://marketshare.hitslink.com/report.aspx?qprid=10

I previously blogged about how Linux was going to overtake Windows 98’s market-share on the above website, come the new year. They recently updated retroactively their results taking out some sites that were apparently skewing the distribution. This brought Linux down from .81 in October to .50. While Windows 98 still remains at .82 for that month. Linux is currently losing to even WindowsNT according to this website :(.

The stats from November are:
OS (Diff from last month, from month before)
Windows 98 .76 (-.06, -.08)
Window NT .63 (+.02?, 0)
Linux .57 (+.07. +.01)

Now, without thinking and just looking at the (recent) data, this would be an ok estimate for December:
Windows 98 .69
Window NT .64
Linux .61

And then January:
Windows 98 .62
Window NT .65
Linux .65

However, I feel safe in assuming NT won’t increase and that Linux will increase faster. So even though Linux has .31% less market-share than when I made the prediction. I am holding to it.

One thought on “>Year of the Linux Desktop Part 2”

  1. >There is only one company who knows the true rate of Linux adoption and it’s not Red Hat, it’s Microsoft. As their XP installations slowly evaporate and the Vista installations fail show after the sale, beads of sweat begin to form on Steve Ballmer’s shiny dome. If you want to know how well Linux is doing just look at how much Microsoft is boasting about Vista adoption. The more they boast, the more they’ve lost. I have personally replaced two Vista installations with PCLinuxOS. And I’ve read about many more, roughly 10 replacements to one keeper.

    The arrival of Linux on the collective desktop will come not as a slow realization, but as a shock. The truth is buried in the massive enterprise installations, and the secrets held by Microsoft. The most important statistic is “The Year of My Linux Desktop”. That was 2005. I think a more interesting headline would be “Was Vista Responsible for Killing Microsoft?”

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