>What I’ve been up to…

>Computing Related

  1. Putting all my music on a remote DAAP share
    mt-daapd http://www.fireflymediaserver.org/
  2. Upgrading to hardy – which broke Rhythmbox for me
  3. Submitting a renouveu dump
  4. Installing the nouveau driver
  5. Using vrms to remove nonfree packages
  6. Trying Prism (run web application in a window)
  7. Removed Prism
  8. Replacing apt-cacher with debtorrent

New Years Planned Goals/Failures

  1. Go to many and speak at (at least) one Cherry Hill Board of Education meeting
  2. Go to many and speak at (at least) one Cherry Hill Township meeting
  3. Eat at least 2 fruits a day
  4. Don’t give another cent to Drexel’s bookstore
  5. Stop forgetting goals
  6. Contribute a patch or better to free software

Staying up all night in an attempt to get my schedule ready for school.

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