Temporary demo for Tiny RSS on my site…

Bye Google Reader.

If you are looking for a RSS reader that you can control/host Tiny Tiny RSS is awesome.   I’ve completely replaced my use of Google Reader with it. You do need to host it yourself and the demo has been down for a while.   Get it for your web-server here: http://tt-rss.org

I really wish I could have tried it out before hand though… So, I’m temporarily (1 week) allowing anyone to access my Tiny Tiny RSS installation by using a demo/demo account.  I’m not providing a direct link in the hope this helps it stay running a bit longer :).    Hint1: It’s not tiny.bryanquigley.com.

Hope this helps someone decide to install Tiny themselves.

13 thoughts on “Temporary demo for Tiny RSS on my site…”

  1. I’ve been seriously considering tt-rss but the lack of a demo has put me off for the moment. (I also prefer SQLite and Python versus the MySQL and PHP it uses.)

    In any event I couldn’t guess what your secret naming scheme was so still no demo for me. (I tried about 15 different things but you won’t see failed DNS lookups so you won’t know what they are.)

  2. Now that I finally got to try it. I’m responsible for adding a tumblr feed (WilW), a podcast feed (Matt Darey/Nocturnal) and Planet Android (using feedburner under the hood)

    Some comments:

    It is ugly/crude in some way that I can’t quite put my finger on.

    They use p/n for previous/next article unlike Google who use j/k. tt-rss uses j/k for prev/next feed. A little learning swap will be needed there.

    Every article has wasted vertical space to assign tags that can’t be disabled.

    I love that they put feeds into alphabetical order. I manually do that with Google Reader and its a pain.

    A pet peeve of mine in the settings “Do not embed images in articles”. So you do a checkbox (a positive thing) to enable a negative thing “no images”. Combining negatives/positives in that way is silly. It could simply be “Embed images in articles” with the appropriate default and no danger of inversions or double negatives.

    Feed categories seems a little more useful than folders, except you can’t put a feed in more than one category so you effectively only have one level of folders.

    I temporarily turned on API access to try out the Android application. It takes a while fiddling with the settings to get used to, but after that works well. (I also only tried on a tablet not a phone.)

    On the whole tt-rss seems worth it although. Thanks for putting the demo up.

    1. Sure, glad I could help. Seems like a really active project so I’m sure they would accept feature requests/patches.

  3. I have been running an owncloud instance for a bit, and it now also has a news app. Which allows you to aggregate RSS feeds like Google Reader does/did.

  4. Thank you for your Demo!

    It is – for sure – a simple programm. But it does, what it is supposed to do, so I don’t see any negative there…

    Now there is only one thing left: I need the little PC I just ordered to set it up as my personal Server for Tiny Tiny RSS or whatever else I might try!

    Once again: Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    Thank for giving us the opportunity to try your site out.

    May I ask if you are hosting this on your personal server at home?

    What kind of internet bandwidth does it have? Specifically, what is your upload speed rated at?


      1. Ahh, Ok. Thanks for the information.

        I was going to say that if you were hosting on your own, that you were getting pretty good responses (relatively quick).

        Have you had much luck with the android app and using it in offline mode?


        1. Have you had much luck with the android app and using it in offline mode?

          Haven’t tried either… I’ve got a Palm Pre Plus..

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