>Request for Comments

>Removing Mono from default Ubuntu Desktop CDs.

Possible patent issues and including mono by default is a bad strategic decision for Ubuntu.

Will Remove:
Mono currently supports F-Spot and Tomboy Notes in the default Ubuntu desktop Cds. These and the rest of Mono would have to be removed for this blueprint to be implemented.


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Please leave comments on Linked Wiki page. If not post to my blog and I’ll write it their myself.

One thought on “>Request for Comments”

  1. >Mono is a nice development platform. It’s actively developed and it helps bring windows programmers to linux.

    Many cool apps are being written in mono (banhsee, tomboy, etc.) Your assumptions on the fact that not many people use tomboy or f-spot are wrong. In fact tomboy is a core part of gnom. If you’re so uncomfortable using mono then don’t install it, but don’t force your views on the other users.


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