>Memory Usage: Gutsy vs Hardy.

>Fresh Ubuntu Gutsy Install (no changes or updates)
115 Mb

Upgrading to Hardy memory usage ( I used update-manager -d -c, and this was a few days after alpha 5)
194 Mb

79 Mb of bloat added to Hardy? Let’s see how hard it is to get rid of..

Remove Deskbar Applet, Fast User Switcher, Replace Broken Firefox 2 Link with Firefox 3
168 Mb

Change Default Background -> Brown Solid Color
131.5 Mb

Disabled in Sessions : Turn off bluetooth, evolution alarm and tracker(+applet)
123 Mb

Looking Better! A desktop picture is worth is worth 36 Mb.

The below are for the curious only. I don’t suggest anything below this line.

Disabled in Sessions: Check For New Hardware, Update Notifier, User Folders Update
115 Mb

Completely delete bottom panel and add Window list applet to top bar, (I also moved the top bar to the bottom)
111.7 Mb

Disabled Services: powernowd, acpid, apmd, bluetooth
114 (but seemed faster to boot)

Disabled Services: anacron, atd (I was curious)

Disabled Services: hotkey-setup, cupsys (curious again)
112 Mb

Disabled in Session, Print Queue Applet; Disabled Services: klogd, sysklogd (insanity?)
104.6 Mb

Don’t remove Power Manager in Sessions if you want the Quit/Logout Dialog to work.
Memory usage from Gnome System Monitor (which takes about 10 Mb itself).

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