>Ideas, I’ve got too many of them

>I have too many ideas. So I’m going to write them down and then most likely forget about them.

Ubuntu Live CD in 192 Mb of ram

  • Upstart-on-demand
  • Some daemons are not needed unless you want to do certain things.
  • I believe an example of this is Avahi. It’s really not needed as you don’t have any music to share on a liveCD. Nice to test, but that’s why it is on-demand.
  • Cupsys is another example
  • Evolution also starts a lot of unneeded processes (although I’m not sure if upstart cares)
  • Upstart-priorities
  • Furthermore if the system doesn’t have enough RAM just forget about Avahi at all.
  • Run in a “Reduced Functionality Mode” where it doesn’t run RAM intensive applications on low memory. Aka No OpenOffice, No Evolution in the menus at all.
  • Running them will usually make the liveCD unresponsive
  • I am aware I stole “RFM” from Windows Vista, but it has a completely different purpose to it
  • Removal of Mono
    • Mono is on the liveCD for two programs, F-Spot and TomBoy Notes. I am unaware of any other language we have on the liveCD for just two applications.
    • Plus, I just don’t like Mono (Nytimes read the bottom of the page).
  • Automatically Submit bootcharts of liveCDs
    • Bootchart is a tool that lets you log how the start up went
    • Let’s get it on some dev liveCDs and get some hard data on how things are going.

    Launchpad Up/Down Stream Integration

    • Downstreams (Corporations)
    • Let them bring Launchpad in house so they can check bugs for Trade Secrets, before pushing them to the Launchpad.net
  • Upstreams (Firefox, Gnome, OpenOffice.org)
    • Integrate with Bugzilla, Trac, etc. Allowing let’s say a Firefox developer without a launchpad account to pull a bug out of launchpad, validate, fix it, etc.
    • Also let’s launchpad pull bugs from Bugzilla, and trac automatically
  • Did I mention this requires a Fully Free Software Launchpad.net?
  • Comments? Questions? Objections? Wanna do it? And yes I am aware that my “upstart-*” sections goes out of the scope of upstart.

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