>Free software is a political issue

>Consider this a call to arms. The free software community has a right to exist in the political space and to press candidates for the use of free software (and not just open standards).

I am already annoyed at the $300,000 or so going to Microsoft and Symantec each year.
The Cherry Hill School Board recently voted to put a budget increase up for vote. They say they trimmed a lot of things but listed several things as important enough to add.

Then I saw some of the few things they wanted to add:

  • Financial/HR Software (partial funding) – $617,000;
  • Tech Support for New Software – $62,000 (1 FTE);
  • IEP Writing Software – $110,000
  • Technology to Enhance Communication with Parents regarding Student Progress – $150,000
  • Data Warehouse – $233,000

Out of the proposed additions to the budget; software (or “technology”) is 46%.

One thought on “>Free software is a political issue”

  1. >IEP Writing Software – $110,000

    Hmm, seems like Open Office Writer and a template would do the trick.

    Maybe, someone should be invited to the class at the library.

    As always good info. Keep up the great work.

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