>Customizing an Ubuntu LiveCD Label

>Ok… so you work at a company that wants to distribute some Ubuntu CDs. You want to customize them to tell them where to get some local support and add a thing saying not to try installing them at work (company policy, not approved yet and average users should not ever install an OS at work).
Here are the steps I went through.

  1. Find out that you have a CD duplicator that can use Inkjet printable CDs to print labels on the non-data side (duh). 🙂
  2. Go out and get compatible CDs
  3. Go to this site (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing)
  4. Pick one of the CD Labels. I choose to use this one.
  5. Edit it in the GIMP adding or removing whatever you want.
  6. Get it into a format usable on the duplicator. (For me it was a PNG, so yea that was easy)
  7. Print Freedom.

So now that you’ve read my guide :). I’ve got a few questions for ya.
Can you add a “For Personal Use Only” to the CD (so they really don’t use it at work). I thought it would violate the GPL so I didn’t.

Next up. Customizing the CD itself with up-to-date content so they have 0 updates to do when they install it.

2 thoughts on “>Customizing an Ubuntu LiveCD Label”

  1. >Printing “for personal use only” on a CD cover does not creat a contract, and it therefore cannot violate any free software license. It is lying about free software, but if lying about free software was a crime, many Microsoft employees would be in jail. So would I. Also, if you remove the word “only,” you’re telling the truth but also discouraging business use, which I think is your goal.

    If you’re worried about it, I suggest you rephrase; try, “Not to be used on ABC, Inc computers without permission.” Since your employeer owns the computers, they get to say what can or cannot be run on them.

    Note: I am not a legal professional.

  2. >Ok I actually ended up doing it without the “Only”. And with the not to be used on ABC, Inc Computers. Just wanted to get a second opinion, which aligned very nicely with what I ended up doing 🙂

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