>Crazy Freed Media Take 2

>or… why content-sensitive sharing is important.

It’s all about how you use your computer and more importantly how the other’s around you use the same computer (or other ones on the network). I’m going to show some scenarios.

Scenario 1
Person A wants to share movie with person B
Person B isn’t home right now and uses a different computer
S stands for system

Regular File Sharing
A Stop playing movie
A Move file to shared device
B when told about it and where it is navigates to persons A computer
B downloads codecs required to play movie
B watches movie

Content-Sensitive Sharing
A clicks Share
B told to watch shared movie
S automatically transcodes it so B can watch
B watches movie
B comments on movie
S adds metadata that A can read in future

Scenario 2
Person A wants to import photos from a device (out of scope)
Person B isn’t home right now, and uses a different user account, and wants to access photos to add them to a digital picture frame as a present for A
S stands for system

What A+B did previously
Set up their photo management software to share photos locally

What A Does
A imports photos onto the computer in her Pictures folder

What B Does
Chooses photos to publish to device
S takes care of changing the photos from the default high resolution to the limited display size of the picture frame

The big important part of content-sensitive sharing is the fact that so much is abstracted away from the user that they don’t have to do themselves. The entire point of operating systems is to abstract away details that the user shouldn’t have to deal with.

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